Build Your Own Collage

In this category, I have added the individual blocks that can be seen in the 'Wood & Tile Collage's on this website (under "Mosaic and Wood Collage")

Here, you are able to choose whichever blocks you like and create to your hearts content. You can decide on the colour and pattern.

Most of these blocks are currently only available in 1 size - 96x96mm, and can be mixed with the laser cut words, which come in 3 different size options (also available under "Laser Art Words") as they have all been designed to fit together perfectly. (the 96x96mm is a medium size block - see the sizes under the words category)

Have a look at the added picture above as a reference to what is possible...and get creative!

The cut out shapes are also available on their own if that is what you prefer (the inner cut out shapes, eg. protea, elephant, rhino etc)

Our Inspiration Saying Tile, Family/Love/Wedding Saying Tile and Afrikaans Tile range also fit exactly inside the square cut outs of the frames - so you can choose your favourite tiles and choose your favourite frames to go with it.