Rox Blox

These 'Rox Blox' are the concept of my now 13 year old daughter (who was 12 at the time)

She needed to raise funds to help her get to New York on a school trip in 2017, and at the same time wanted to raise money for our precious rhino's.

She donates a portion of every sale towards a fund for the rhino's...who's existence hangs in the balance right now.  

She has used messages that she finds inspiring & engraves the messages onto wooden blocks, 145x145mm in size. 

The messages are suitable for girls & woman of all ages. She can also custom make your own saying, just email with your saying and we will get it sorted for you - for a small additional artwork fee. 

These are the exact same size as the 'photo blocks' that we also do...why not combine a few together to make a stunning feature wall?

Get in touch to see how to order - 

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