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This laser cut Hexagon is 1 piece, with 3 different size options available.

The overall dimensions available are:

  • 48x48mm (R20)
  • 96x96mm (R45)
  • 192x192mm (R75)

Please select your size option from the radio buttons above.

There are 5 different colour combinations to choose from: 

  • Black/Light Grey
  • Dark Grey/Turquoise
  • Light Grey/Dark Grey
  • Turquoise/White
  • White/Black

Please click on the above radio buttons to choose your colour.

Use these different designs together to create your own collage, simply stuck onto your wall or board as decoration. Use them anywhere indoors, bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms.

There are so many combinations that you can do with these, mix and match them too with the laser cut Word Art

See the image in the gallery for an idea of what can be done.