Personalised Pot Stand

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Personalised Pot Stand

A totally unique pot stand - using 16 of your favourite photo's, which we turn into glass tiles and use as decorative tiles on your pot stand.

What a unique gift for someone that loves to be in the kitchen, having their most treasured memories always near.

The pot stand measurements are as follows:

  • Length: 200x200mm
  • Height: 25mm

We paint the sides and feet of the pot stand grey, and lightly sand the edges, and finish with a coat of sealer for protection.

We use Dropbox to access your photo's. If you are familiar with Dropbox you can create a folder where your photos are saved & give us permission to access the folder. If you are not familiar with Dropbox, please let us know & we will create a folder for you, and email a link to you to the folder, then all you need to do is save your chosen photo's in that folder. We will be able to access them from our side.


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