Wood & Mosaic Photo Collage | Large

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Large Wood and Mosaic Photo Collage - Front View

This really is a unique way to display your memories, on this wood & tile mosaic collage - using your own photo's!

In this collage, we have focused more on the 'saying' tiles and cut outs. For a more South African themed collage, please look at our SA Themed collage (under Creative Gifts/Collages)

We have combined your photo's with special saying tiles & decorative tiles & wood cut outs, to create a one-off creation of your memories.


The collage includes the following:

  • 5 large photos - laminated (100x100mm)
  • 17 small photos - laminated (48x48mm)
  • 20 Inspirational tiles (hand made with a quotation/saying print on the tiles) 
  • A mix of 96x96mm and 48x48mm wood cut out shapes, including hearts and hexagon shapes
  • 96mm word cut outs: "This is my happy place", "Be YOUtiful" "Adventure Awaits" "Hello Sunshine", "Life is Beautiful" and "You're a sky full of stars"
  • A variety of frames with patterned fabric 
  • Board size is 720x720mm
  • 2 metal brackets on the back for easy hanging

We use Dropbox to access your photo's. If you are familiar with Dropbox you can create a folder where your photos are saved & give us permission to access the folder. If you are not familiar with Dropbox, please let us know & we will create a folder for you, and email a link to you to the folder, then all you need to do is save your chosen photo's in that folder. We will be able to access them from our side. 

We choose all the favourite saying tiles to include on your collage. We usually choose these according to the theme of the photo's, eg. family/love/wedding.

We are able to custom make some of your saying tiles, to include sayings or names/dates that are special to you. This does come with a small additional artwork fee. 

These collages are great for milestone birthdays, 21st, 30th, 50th or just a timeline of pics of how your family has grown over the years. 

We can do the photo's in either colour or black & white. The sample pics we have included in the photo gallery are colour photo's.  

We pride ourselves on our excellent workmanship & attention to detail, creating only the neatest, most beautiful photo collage ever. 

Call me to chat about ordering your special photo collage today.


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