Africa Hexagon Concrete Collage

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Have you ever wanted something uniquely from Africa...a gift that isn't too run of the mill, or that which hasn't been seen everywhere & overdone?

Our concrete collages are unique to Earthly Mosaics, using themes & symbols typically from Africa.

Following on from our concrete tile range, I have designed these in a neutral colour pallet, and used the hexagon shape that is so on trend currently. 

We also have 2 different sizes to choose from, the medium being 385mm in height & the large is 580mm in height.

To easily hang these wall art collages up we have attached a 6mm MDF hanger on the back, with a spacer to make sure the collage is even on the wall.

The hexagon pieces are individual concrete tiles/pieces & have been assembled together, stick onto a 6mm MDF back board & finished off with grout between the tiles. 

Get one for your family, friends a far or even yourself. 

Also so awesome as pressies anytime!

Prices as follows:

Medium size 385(h)x358(w)mm = R385

Large size 580(h)x540(w)mm = R885