Aryn Vinyl Sticker Set of 8 | Colour

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Looking for a quick & easy way to decorate your home without the commitment of tiles or the effort of a stencil?

These soft pastel colours of the 'Aryn' vinyl stickers are a fun way to decorate and add some interest to your home.

Stick them onto any smooth wall surface, to transform your walls quickly without any mess or long term commitment.

They are ideal for use on ceramic tiles, glass or a mirror surface and can easily be removed from the surfaces - making them ideal if you are renting a property and have constraints as to how much you are allowed to decorate. Use these stickers to brighten up your space & easily remove them when you move.

The stickers are water proof and are suitable in moist or wet areas, like bathroom or kitchen splashbacks or showers, as long as they have been applied correctly with all the edges properly stuck on to the surface. To prolong the life of the stickers in wet areas, wipe them down with a damp cloth to remove any excess damp from the stickers.

Vinyl stickers can be used stuck on to cover the entire tile (they come in 3 sizes) or use them as small accent stickers in the centre of a larger tile.

The sizes available are:

  • 50x50mm (R40 per set of 8 / R5 per sticker)
  • 100x100mm (R112 per set of 8 / R14 per sticker)
  • 150x150mm (R180 per set of 8 / R22.50 per sticker)

The Aryn vinyl sticker set come in a set of 8.

1 of each style sticker is provided as shown in the images.

If you want to order single designs of these stickers, please email We are happy to accommodate your requirements.

If the stickers are larger than the tiles you can cut them down to size to fit.

Each design is available in an option of colour or black & white.

Please note*colours may appear slightly different to those shown on your screen. These colour variations should, however, be minimal from screen to actual printed sticker.