About the Owner... :-)

About the Owner... :-)

Posted by Kim on 18th Jan 2019

Ever since I can remember I have been creative. Either sitting quietly (always a shy girl) colouring in my colouring books, designing & making ‘love notes’ for my parents that I would put on their pillows, or begging my brother to do his colouring in homework - he always obliged!

I was devastated when my parents would not let me attend the Johannesburg Art School where 2 of my girlfriends went – I remember being so envious of the amazing art sculptures & projects they would bring home. I did get to take art as a subject in my high school which I of course loved & went on to study Interior Design in Durban. (my 2nd choice of study was Homeopathy – art & science were my thing)

I often get asked what I love most about my job –& I guess it’s having the opportunity & privilege of expressing my creativity every day. I am a very hands-on type of person, I am your go-to girl when it comes to creating & making new products! Whatever skills I learn, I will figure out a way to incorporate that into something creative. Example, I was gifted a laser machine by my incredibly amazing Mom – once I got the hang of operating it, I was creating all sorts of products totally unrelated to my tiling business! This is where the decorative stencil idea came from. I had these gorgeous patterns for my tiles, I then figured out a way to turn those into stencils & before I knew it, I had another product range complimenting my pattern tiles.

A combined love of Interior Design & my creativity is what my business revolves around. I love changing spaces and helping people create gorgeous spaces in their homes and providing people with the tools to ‘DIY’ their spaces themselves is always rewarding. I LOVE receiving feedback & photo's from happy customers that now LOVE their new spaces! So please do send me those photo's that I can share on social media.

When I am not creating, painting or designing something new you can find me in the gym, running with my dogs & kids or at home chilling with a book - about business, human behaviour & potential & fascinating reads on the power of your mind. 

Stay in touch & see how easy it is to create & change up a space in your home – be it with a stencil & some paint or our handmade tiles.

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“We shape our homes & then our homes shape us” – Winston Churchill