Hello 2018!

Hello 2018!

Posted by Kim on 15th Jan 2018

Hello 2018, hello new designs, new ideas, more practical products & hopefully a lot of fun in between!

Towards the end of last year I started really listening to what you guys want, I would often hear you say, when looking at my products (especially at the markets) "but what do you use it for". 

It made me think....yes, you may all love the designs, but some of my products were not necessarily USEFUL too. 

So, I used the December holidays to think of ways to incorporate what I love doing most (designing & creating) and incorprating those designs into more practical & useful products. These will all be rolled out as the year goes on. 

What I can say though, is that everything will have a very strong geometric feel this year - I'm still feeling totally inspired by the recent Moroccan concrete tiles we have made, and these patterns will feature in almost every new product I make from now on. (I am currently busy with a 'Delicious Monster' coaster & placemat design with an amazing geometric design in the centre - it is definitely keeping my brain cells firing as I try work out the finer details of the pattern, it's like a very intricate puzzle)

I have mentioned the Moroccan concrete tiles which we completed towards the end of 2017, we are going to give these a HUGE marketing push this year as I can already see you all love them! Looking forward to seeing the photo's of all your home renovation projects completed with these beauties. I have a few ideas for my home too...my guest loo will no longer be a boring place once these tiles have been stuck onto the walls. 

Stencils are another idea I will be working on, if you don't want to lay out as much money for beautiful Moroccan concrete tiles, you can stencil a design onto your wall for a fraction of the cost (but a lot more of your time involved - fun time though spent painting) All of the geometric designs that you see on our Moroccan tiles will be available as a stencil in a variety of sizes. Another project I can't wait to tackle (and perhaps my kids bathroom will also get a stencil makeover!) 

Another thing I have re-designed is the ever so popular Personalised Memory Mirror. Same style & layout, but I have done away with the little white resin tiles, and replaced everything with wooden cut, or engraved tiles. I think the overall look is just as nice, if not better than the old style with the white tiles. My decision to move away from making resin tiles is purely a business decision. With the resin coming from Germany, the price goes up hugely everytime a container lands, making it difficult for us as a business, & you as a consumer as I have been forced to increase the price so much. But, the change to wood means I can make it at a reduced price & forward that price to you, my loyal customers. 

So new year, new fresh (practical) ideas...lets do this!