My Concrete Garden Mandala Watering Hole

My Concrete Garden Mandala Watering Hole

Posted by Kim on 11th Nov 2018

So, I came across this concrete 'pond' the other day. I know it is actually a base of sorts (I think) for a pot plant...or maybe for some other practical purpose, but when I saw it I knew exactly what I was going to do with it. I like to have little watering holes for the insects in my garden, especially on our hot summer days & I knew this would be perfect!

Today I got around to painting it & setting it up in my garden. It was such a simple project, and here is how I did it:

I thought it would look prettier in a colour other than the plain concrete - so I used some dark grey paint I already had at home. 


I let that dry in the sun for a while & then got my 30cm Floral Mandala stencil out, ready to stencil the pattern onto the bottom of the pond. The round shape is ideal for a Mandala pattern. When I first saw this 'pond' at Builders I knew that it was destined to have a Mandala stencilled onto it!!


As with any stencil project you take on, put some paint onto your stencil brush/foam roller (for this project I used a stencil brush) and then, VERY IMPORTANTLY, dab off the excess paint onto newspaper. You want to use an almost dry brush to prevent any paint going under the stencil & bleeding. Neat, crisp lines are what we want.

Dab your paint across your stencil design until you have completed the whole pattern. place it in the garden...

I bought a few cut logs in different sizes from a local nursery, and laid out where I wanted the pond & logs to go. I have a shady spot in my garden where the grass will not grow, so this is the perfect place to cover up with logs & stones. I had to dig out some soil because the logs are actually quite (very) thick. This was the hardest part of the project. I marked out where the logs were going, dug out the soil & then simply placed the logs & the pond with a few smaller stones in between. 


Ta-daaaa! Quite chuffed with my Sunday project :-)