My love of my Laser Machine

My love of my Laser Machine

Posted by Kim on 10th May 2017


I have had a laser machine now for about a year & I must say I am still in love! I find myself watching it cut or engrave, unable to pull myself away sometimes. I am still intrigued by the precision of the laser & the minute detail it can engrave or cut. Some materials are still trickier to work with than others...I have still not managed to get the knack of working with rubber, but that's a task for when I need to create a new stamp for my new logo (which is round about now as I have changed the logo!) 

I am loving doing the new African inspired theme cut outs on wood, using paint & fabrics & paint on the wood to create different feels. And of course, the 'memes' cuts are always fun too - which follow on from my already expansive range of tiles with inspirational messages on. 

The Africa shape with a space for 8 photo tiles or inspirational tiles have proved to be very popular in store. Lots of overseas travellers have bought this as the perfect gift for a friend, or as their own keepsake of their travels here in SA.

So far, I have created wall plaques, coasters, Africa inspired tiles to use as wall decoration, laser cuts to use as a collage, Protea stems, wedding cake toppers, personalised name tags, decorated wedding gift ballot boxes with the newly married couples name, bunting, Christmas decorations, birthday tags to name but a few.  

See some of my creations here

Please contact me for your special requirements...we can make almost anything - or we will give it a good go at least!