Valuable Lessons I Gained From a Weekend Business Course

Valuable Lessons I Gained From a Weekend Business Course

Posted by Kim Green on 27th Jul 2018

A good friend of mine & I recently (21-22 July 2018) attended a weekend business course with Andrew Smith – what I got out of that course was only a snippet of his business knowledge, but enough information of things to change, implement & focus on in my business to keep me busy for some time to come.

One of the things Andrew challenged all of us on was the “WHY”.

Why do we do what we do?

Of course, the first few answers that flew out were obvious, like, because we want to earn money, because we want to own our own businesses, because we want our own freedom (which by the way you have none of if you are at the centre of your business)

This is an important thing to pin point, because from this “WHY” is how you can solve your customers problems. So, let’s take my business as an example, I thought I simply made concrete tiles & decorative stencils because that’s what resonates with me, it’s what I love. BUT, with my tiles & stencils I am in the industry of transforming spaces, of changing people’s spaces & making it feel more like ‘home’. A place where they connect & relax, comfortable & happy with their surroundings. Changes the way you market your business, right?

Another key concept was the fact that so many of us call ourselves “business owners”. But do we own the business or does the business own us? Are we totally involved in the daily operating of the business, would the business continue to trade if we were to take ourselves out of the daily grind? Not many, in fact none of us on the course could say that we could remove ourselves from our respective businesses & continue to make money from them. A big idea that Andrew coaches is business automation & it makes 100% sense. “Don’t be the bottleneck in your own business” So many of us are just this.

And it didn’t stop there. We had a whole weekend of ideas thrown at us.

How are you gaining traffic to your website (and is your website user friendly?)

Social media content & using social media to drive traffic to your website (how comfortable are you making video’s? I certainly wasn’t!)

Are you retaining your customers?

What value are you adding to your customers?

Do you have business automation running your business or are you slogging away at keeping up with admin?

How strong is your branding/do you have any branding?

And these ideas can be implemented across ANY business. Product or service related industries.

Just being aware of these things can create small changes that down the line will make mahoosive changes (Mahoosive – thanks to Ashley Knight from @hellobosscommunity for this awesome word! Couldn’t think of a more appropriate word for what I am trying to describe!)

So, with my notebook full of scribbled notes (that I can hopefully manage to read) and a whole weekend cleared ahead of me, I am going to be searching, writing, implementing, changing, & updating. Mahoosively.