DIY Personalised Memory Mirror Kit | Medium

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DIY Mirror Med

Ever wondered how or wanted to make your own personalised mirror?

Now you can!

We have decided to make this product available as an easy DIY now your afternoons can be spent creating your own bit of functional artwork.

I have re-designed these mirrors and taken a lot of the messy & tedious work out (yep, not much grouting needed anymore - whoop!) The little 'tiles' are cut to size, and I have managed to work out the dimensions to fit exactly the size of the board & mirror - thereby taking out the need for grout. We do supply a small amount of grout in case there are any tiny gaps around the mirror edge that you feel you would like to fill in.

So, with all the instructions included & all the bits and pieces supplied  - you are now armed with all the tools & knowledge you need to get busy, have some fun & make your own personalised mirror. 

The kit pack will be supplied with:

  • 500x500mm backing board which has been edged off with a neat trim
  • 300x300mm mirror already stuck onto the cenrte of the backing board
  • A hanger with screws for you to attach to the back of the board once you are ready to hang your mirror
  • 27 plain acrylic plastic 'tiles' that your photos will be glued on to (instructions and glue supplied)
  • 36 engraved light grey 'saying tiles' made from 3mm wood (you will only need 26 tiles, but we include a variety of sayings, including 8 Afrikaans tiles for you to choose from)
  • 26 'textured tiles' cut from 3mm wood (choose if you want these brown or grey from the options above)
  • A small bag of grout in case there are any gaps that you wuld like to fill in (sometimes between the mirror edge and the tiles there can be a small gap)
  • Step by step instructions on how to get started, how to scale & print your photo's, & how to make them into photo tiles)

If you get stuck along the way, either email me or give me a call, I am happy to talk you through any difficulties you may have.

Give it a try, this is one project that really is simple and fun to try at home!