Heart Schwe Schwe Collage | Small | Earthly Tones | English or Afrikaans Tiles

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Something unique and special for your loved ones...another totally unique Earthly Mosaics product.

These hearts are available with English or Afrikaans tiles.

Every piece is either hand made or laser cut by us here at Earthly Mosaics, and then patiently assembled for you.  

We have used locally manufactured Schwe Schwe on some of the pieces making up this heart shaped collage, some pieces have been painted, others engraved, as well as some tiles from our Inspiration Range range, and a grey textured tile to add interest. 

This particular heart shape collage is the smaller design, with earthy tones. (See the colourful tones version of the heart here)

We have used a piece of twine at the top to hang it up easily. 

These heart collages are light & easy to travel with which makes them the ideal unique gift from South Africa for friends afar, or near. 


Height: 200mm

Width: 115mm

Thickness: 6mm