A trivet is an object that is used between a serving bowl and a table to protect the table surface from heat damage.  

Our trivets have been designed for you, the lover of non-boring tableware, to not only protect your table, but to also add some style and geometric fun to your table. 

Pretty and intricate geometric patterns adorn the trivets that are either rectangular or in the shape of Africa, laser cut from 3mm Plexiglas, a high quality material that can withstand the temperatures of your pots and dishes.  

Get your Africa trivet for friends far away - nice & light to travel with too.

Or take a rectangle geometric pattern trivet for yourself to add some style to your own dining table.

We make them in either clear or translucent white Plexiglas (perspex) and can be easily wiped down or washed in the dishwasher. 

Our perspex trivets are practical, pretty and functional, go on, get yours today!