Moroccan Pattern Tile | 100x100mm Concrete Tile | Azrou Design

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Get your gorgeous, locally manufactured concrete Moroccan pattern tiles from Earthly Mosaic.

This one shown is our 'Azrou' geometric design.

Our tiles are hand cast, into moulds that we have custom made, then we let them cure for sometime, after which we hand paint & sand the tiles which gives these pattern tiles an authentic feel, unlike any other tile on the market.

Because concrete is porous we seal each tile with 2 coats of sealer to protect the tile and to enhance the overall look & feel of the tile.

They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Use these concrete Moroccan pattern tiles in your bathroom walls, kitchen splashback, outside on a feature wall, on stair risers, on the floor, in your office, or anywhere in your home.

They will aso look great in restaurants and bar areas.

Mix & match the 9 different Moroccan pattern tile designs or use only one design, the choice is yours. 

We can custom make your design, if you cannot find what you are looking for, we can make it!

OUR TILES ARE MANUFACTURED ON ORDER, and because they are handmade, orders can take up to 3-4 weeks to manufacture.

Please make sure you order well in advance so that we can deliver your order timeously.

Prices as follows:

100x100mm tiles = R13 per tile | R1300p/m2

There are 100 tiles in a square metre. (tile measures 100x100mm)

Please place tile orders over 1m2 via email to

PLEASE NOTE: the shipping charges on orders over 1m2 will be charged for separately - as they will be sent via road freight and not as a normal parcel with the courier. Please be aware that there will be a separate amount for this. If you select the payment options at checkout, we will use that amount towards the freight costs. 

Call Kim on 0726023021 to discuss your needs.