Safi Pattern Moroccan Style Stencil

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Stencil Safi

Moroccan Patterns, how stunning you are! 

Now you can use this stencil to paint this gorgeous 'Safi' moroccan pattern in your home, on your furniture, floors, anywhere your heart desires.

Moroccan pattern cement tiles are all the rage today, see our range of Moroccan cement tiles here but can work out a touch pricey, and if your budget doesn't allow for the cement tiles, then you can opt to stencil the same beautiful pattern onto your kitchen splasback, bathroom, lounge walls, feature walls, floors, absolutely anywhere!

We have used the same patterns that we use on our Moroccan concrete tiles & transferred that design onto a stencil for our DIY enthusiasts.

All of our stencils have a built-in registration for easy alignment of your stencil, making them very user friendly. 

For larger areas that need to be stencilled, I recommend getting 2 stencils, this will make your work go much faster, and you will have an extra stencil to cut to fit into tight corners. You can most certainly bend the stencil into those tight spaces too, but having an additional stencil is always handy.

The stencils are available in 4 sizes:

  • Small - 15cm pattern - R75
  • Medium - 30cm pattern - R145
  • Large - 57x33cm pattern - R240 
  • Border - 55x13cm - R180

Please make sure you choose the correct size from the selection box above. 

Both stencils have the same pattern, but for the smaller one the design has been scaled down to fit into a 150x150mm size, and the larger stencil has been enlarged to fit a 300x300mm size.

Our stencils are made from 200micron plastic, a nice thickness to be able to create smooth clean edges & still be easily bendable to get into tight corners.

For a step-by-step guide on how to stencil your first project, go over to my blog here for simple instructions.

Enjoy and please do send me photos of your finished artwork! We LOVE to see how creative you are!

Email kim@earthlymosaics with your photos - thank you!