Together Is My Favourite Place To Be - Mosaic Tile

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Small hand made 50x50mm concrete mosaic tile with the saying:

"Together Is My Favourite Place To Be"

Please note because this tile is a concrete hand made product, every tile will look slightly different - different colouring, shading & sanding of each tile is a characteristic of these two tiles will be 100% identical & this should be appreciated as a quality of the tiles. 

These tiles are approx 4mm thick & can be used in mosaic tile projects. They cannot be cut with a tile cutter & will need to be used as a whole tile. 

They can be glued with silicone or Contact Adhesive, or other suitable concrete glues.

They are suitable for outdoor areas - but not suitable for floor traffic areas as they are only between 4-5mm thick & therefore not strong enough for load bearing weight. 

Each tile has been individually painted, sanded & sealed by hand - which is why there may be small differences between same tiles ordered.